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Pokey's New Digs

After enduring dangerously hot weather conditions an urgent plea was sent out to raise the money to provide Pocahontas, a 35 year old former pet, a comfortable place to hide from the summer heat.

Pocahontas, a 35 year old black bear who used to be kept as someone's pet!

With an outstanding response from caring people (and even a $5.00 donation from a rescued puppy), former co-workers at the Cincinnati Zoo, friends and people like you who saw the plea on Facebook, we were able to purchase a large "hutch" that would give her cooling shelter with the aid of a misting system that was constructed above. Even the nice young lady at Farmer Boy Agriculture internet sales worked tirelessly to lower the cost of the shipping.

The rescued puppy who donated $5.00!

With the efforts of a group of workers and college interns a floor was installed and we moved this large structure into the outdoor enclosure of Pocahontas.

Installing the hutch with our skid steer.

Adding the misting system to the hutch.

To accomplish this dangerous task we lured this 200 pound bear to the other side of her pen with enticing treats of Hostess Fruit pies, and watermelons. Once this mission was complete her new condo was provided additional watermelons to draw her bear butt in.

Pokey being drawn in by the watermelon slices placed inside.

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