At this time we will not be taking any new volunteers.


We always welcome volunteers and interns!  Internships can be completed to meet your University's guidelines to earn credit.

There is no difference between a volunteer and intern position, except interns receive University credit.

Volunteers and interns help out with the day-to-day activities.  These can range anywhere from cleaning, to scrubbing/filling waters, feeding, giving tours, building new enclosures, and facility maintenance.  Volunteers and interns will also gain knowledge of rehabilitation techniques and practices, as we rehab many mammals and birds throughout the year.


After a volunteer/intern has volunteered for 20 hours, they have the potential to work with the animals (at the discretion of Staff, and never without a staff member present). 

Please fill out the application below and send it us!  We can accept applications sent to our email (redwolfkeepers@gmail.com) or our mailing address (P.O. Box 202, Rising Sun, IN 47040).


Filling out an application does not guarantee that you will receive a volunteer or intern position. Currently, all volunteer and internship positions are unpaid and unfortunately we cannot provide housing at this time.