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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I just show up and see the animals?  No, as the animals are in a restricted area that is not accessible to the general public.  You must schedule a tour.

  • Can I walk by myself?  No. All tours are guided for your safety and the safety of our animals.

  • Can I play with/pet/touch/handle/etc. the animals?  No.  We are USDA regulated and can not allow the general public to have contact or any physical interactions with our animals. You are not allowed to share space with any of our animals either.  This is for your safety and theirs. 

  • Do you take meat donations?  Yes, as long as the meat is not salted, seasoned, or pre-cooked.  We can accept donations Monday through Saturday during the hours of 9AM - 4PM.  Please give us a call at 812-438-2306 to let us know when you're on your way; there is also a number at the bottom of the driveway that you can call when you get here, and we'll make sure someone is available to help you unload.

  • Do you take other items like fruits and veggies?  Yes.  As long as the food is not in a sauce, we can use it. 

  • Where did the animals come from?  Many of our animals are former pets.  Wildlife does not make good pets which results in many being surrendered to sanctuaries.  Some species are also illegal to own which can result  in them being confiscated and given to us by the DNR.  Some of our animals have come from the wild, but can't be released due to permanent injuries.

  • Do you offer military/student/senior discounts?  At this time, we do not.

  • Can I bring my dog?  Dogs are not allowed on our property.  We do not have facilities to board your dog while you are on a tour.

  • Do we allow service dogs? We do allow service dogs, but you must speak to our staff to confirm and show proof that your animal is a working service dog.

  • Can I smoke or vape?  No, we don't allow smoking of any kind. We don't want to expose our animals or other guests.  

  • Can I take pictures?  Can I post them?  We welcome photos!  Photos have to be taken through our enclosure fencing.  Feel free to share them online and tag us in them!

  • Do you take deceased farm animals? We will accept farm animals which have died of natural causes or bullet wounds. If the animals were euthanized by a vet, we cannot accept them. We will not accept live animals.  We cannot accept and process full grown animals, including those over 400lbs.  We will accept:

    • Still-born calves

    • Calves & foals under 400lb

    • Chickens & other fowl

    • Rabbits

    • Sheep & goats 

  • What donations do you need?  We have a general wishlist and Amazon wishlist linked on our website. 

  • I have a dog/wolf hybrid that needs rehomed, can you take it? We do not accept hybrid animals, but we can direct to you other facilities who can help with hybrids. 

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