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A Summer at Red Wolf Sanctuary!

This summer I had the privilege of interning with Red Wolf Sanctuary. Throughout my time here I have gained important skills and knowledge related to the field of Environmental Science. The main areas of focus each workday were on guided tours, offered at 10am and 1pm, and animal care taking. I improved greatly in my ability to convey scientific information in ways that not only appeal to people logically, but emotionally as well. No tour was ever the same and I had to learn how to adapt my message, tone, and the tours themselves to fit the needs of the guests. For instance, I gave a tour to a family whose son was in a wheelchair, and I was able to drive the cart up to each enclosure, with his side facing the animals, to ensure he got a memorable, up-close experience. In addition to public speaking, I was able to gain hands on experience in habitat maintenance and construction, animal handling, and animal care taking.

While with Red Wolf I assisted in the construction of a new eagle habitat and fox habitat, the handling of different birds (owls, and kestrels being a couple) that came in for rehabilitation, and daily care taking tasks such as feedings, cleaning water troughs, and bathing animals. Not only do I have a passion for Environmental Science, but I am also pursuing a minor in photography. Something that I hope to use alongside my science! Red Wolf has not only given me exposure into the field of science, but they have also allowed me to explore my creative side. During down times I was able to go out and photograph different animals. In this I gained knowledge on how to properly set my camera, and techniques to use for getting good shots of active animals without coercing them. I feel that Red Wolf was the best fit for me and recommend them to anyone looking for experience in animal caretaking and public speaking.

This was written by our former intern, Stephanie Calme, of NKU 2023.

If you are interested in interning or volunteering with us, please visit our website.

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