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What's it like to do a wildlife internship?

The journey of an intern at Red Wolf Sanctuary

Throughout my time interning at Red Wolf, I have learned so much more than I ever could have imagined. Not only have I taken in so much information regarding the wonders of the wildlife in North America, but I have also learned people skills by giving tours to our wonderful guests, as well as working as a team with the keepers to help them out with whatever they need me to do. Giving tours to guests is a great experience, I’m getting to meet people from all over the US who come to see our animals. Being able to answer their questions with confidence and giving them fun facts is awesome because I get to see the smiles on all their faces and be able to advocate for our wildlife so that they can go home and spread the word. I’ve had to get down and dirty by helping cut deer carcasses to feed out to our animals, unpackage meat donations, clean enclosures, and play in the mud with the horses. I’ve been given the opportunity to handle various birds and other animals. The knowledge the keepers and owners have about caring for so many different species never cease to amaze me. I’ve also seen the vulnerable side of animal rescue, learning how to carry and compose myself when sad times are occurring, because they are unavoidable in this line of work. I think my favorite thing that has happened is my growing love for birds of prey. I can spot a bird in the sky and tell if it’s a black vulture, red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture, or eagle. I’ve also learned how to use various tools and drive ATVs. My knowledge of invasive and native species, horses, wolves, foxes, beavers, coyotes, prairie dogs, birds of prey, and the environmental impact of all these animals has grown outstandingly in the months I’ve spent here. I’ve started a new hobby of foraging thanks to Red Wolf. I have collected mulberries, wild black raspberries, yucca flowers (for eating), and moss, lichens, leaf litter, and sticks for my hermit crabs and dart frogs at home. I absolutely love this land, the owners, and all the employees and volunteers who keep it running. Everyone does their part to ensure that the residents of Red Wolf Sanctuary live happily and comfortably and that the rehabilitated animals get the best TLC they could ever ask for. This sanctuary is amazing and will keep my heart forever.

This was written by our former intern, Chloe Donithan of NKU, 2023.

If you are interested in interning or volunteering with us, please visit our website.

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