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Left but not Forgotten: Our Newest Residents

This past week we have received 3 new permanent residents. These animals are former pets who were surrendered by their owners. Since they have been raised by, and lived with humans they are non-releasable. These animals will live out their lives at Red Wolf Sanctuary, serving as ambassadors for their species and advocates against keeping wildlife as pets.


Our first new resident is Tsula, a red fox. She was kept as a house pet, and lived with a family. The landlord at a new apartment didn't like the idea of a fox living there, so she was surrendered to the Sanctuary. One problem with owning an exotic pet is that when you experience a change in your life or address, many times it affects your pet.

Tsula checking out her new, outdoor enclosure. | Photo by Valerie Rice

Tsula was checked out and vaccinated by our veterinarian, Dr. Gina and vet tech Eleanor. She was moved into a large outdoor enclosure with several other red foxes; they're getting along greatly!

Tsula means "fox" in Cherokee.

Tsula taking a yummy treat. | Photo by Valerie Rice


Guhe is our newest resident bobcat. He was surrendered by his owners after they moved. He had been declawed, defanged, and neutered; these things add to the list of reasons he is non-releasable.

Guhe being released into an outdoor quarantine enclosure by Director Paul Strasser. | Photo by Valerie Rice

Guhe means "bobcat" in Cherokee.

Guhe enjoying a sampler platter of soft meats. | Photo by Valerie Rice

Guhe had previously been living on raw chicken and Little Caesars wet dog food. This diet has led to nutritional deficiencies; Guhe has skeletal damage, he is also very underweight. Since he has arrived at the Sanctuary he has been offered a variety of soft foods, from ground meat to hotdogs, chicken and deer cut off the bone, as well as mice and liver. We are doing our best to get him back up to a healthy weight!

Dr. Gina and Eleanor also vaccinated Guhe during their visit. We're hoping to move him into a permanent outdoor enclosure this spring!


Our final new resident is Sage. Sage is a whitemark morph red fox; this is distinguished by a silver and black coat, white feet, and white markings on the face. Different color morphs have been created for red foxes to meet the demand of the fur and pet trade.

Red fox Sage. | Photo by Paul Strasser

Currently Sage is being kept in an inside quarantine enclosure, but will be moved outside once he has been vaccinated.


If you are able to support our efforts to care for these individuals for the rest of their lives, please consider making a donation, or adopting/sponsoring them!

Building a new fox enclosure costs $8,000 - $10,000, plus the costs of caring for them for a lifetime.

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