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Freedom Flight

On Veterans Day (Nov. 11, 2018) we released our juvenile Bald Eagle, Freedom.

Freedom was fed plenty of fish and deer to help gain his strength back | Photo by Valerie Rice

Freedom came to us starving and unable to fly due to weakness and broken feathers. Our dedicated staff and volunteers nursed him back to health; working with him to get him strong enough to soar again!

Director Paul Strasser inspecting Freedom prior to release with Senior Animal Keeper Valerie Rice and Animal Keeper Hannah Zerkle | Photo by Jason Hale

Over 110 people came to witness this patriotic act. Director Paul Strasser released Freedom above our elk pond.

Director Paul Strasser releasing Freedom | Photo by Megan Mahon

Freedom flew above the crowd and out over our elk pond and prairie area.

Released to Freedom! | Photo by Jo Lay

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us by attending the event, donating money and/or fish (that were fed to Freedom), and have ever shared our information. We couldn't help wildlife without your help!

Photo by Jason Hale

Also a huge thank you to Cookies by Design on Montgomery Rd. They donated beautiful bald eagle cookies that were sold during our release event!

Eagle cookies donated by Cookies by Design | Photo by Valerie Rice

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