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2018 Season of Giving: Thank you!

The months of November and December are what we like to call "The Season of Giving". While we receive countless donations throughout the year, these months are often where we benefit the most.

We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us by donating their time, money, or other resources to our cause. Whether it be through a monetary donation, payment for a tour or item from our gift shop, donating much needed items such as cleaning supplies or food, or volunteering your time with us, we could not save wildlife without your help!

In this blog post, we'd like to thank several donors who have helped us out during the 2018 Season of Giving.

Turkey Donations

Lutmer Farms donated 37 whole turkeys to us, Lawns by Ryan donated extra whole turkeys that weren't used for their Thanksgiving feast, and Tewes Turkey Farms donated several hundred pounds of turkey feet, heads, and assorted parts.

The animals love variety in their diet, and with the help of companies like these we are able to give them just that! The bobcats never have more fun than when they're plucking and playing with feathers!

All of the animals LOVED getting whole turkeys! | Photo by Carol Ann Horn

Meat Donations

Throughout the year we have been blessed to receive various meat donations. These donations have been from individuals whose freezers have gone out, or who need to make more room in their freezers for new meat coming in, as well as larger organizations and companies.

One such organization is LaSoupe, a non-profit that uses produce that would otherwise be wasted to create delicious and highly-nutritious meals for customers, non-profits and food-insecure families.  Throughout 2018 we have partnered with LaSoupe to use any meat or produce that they are not able to use. They have donated over one thousand pounds to our animals!

A generous LaSoupe volunteer who brought their donation to us.

Amazon Donations

Thank you to everyone who has sent us an item off of our wish-list! These items are much needed and help staff and volunteers work more efficiently. Some items are also beneficial for events, such as Halloween decorations and candy for our Halloween Howl. If you have sent us an item from our Amazon list, thank you so much!

Also we'd like to offer a huge thank you to the Amazon Hub at CVG3! They have donated more pallets than we can count of useful items like trail cams, dog food and treats, dog beds, and more!

One pallet loaded into the truck!

Item Donations

We have met many supporters who are extremely kind, and donate additional items of need when they come to visit for tours and other educational programs. One such supporter is Laura Black, who recently donated several much needed cleaning items. Thank you to everyone who has ever gone out of their way to provide us with the items we need to help our animals live a happy and healthy life!

Christmas Tree

McCabe's Greenhouse and Floral in Lawrenceburg were kind enough to donate a stocking as well as a Christmas tree! These items came in use for our Saturday with Santa event that we hosted this December. The tree was used as a backdrop for photos with Santa.

Penelope the skunk investigating the stocking donated by McCabe's

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