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Want to photograph our animals?

We offer guided photography tours, without the distraction of a crowd! Photographers will have the amazing opportunity to capture our animals and habitats.

Just like other tours, photography tours are by appointment only.  We are open Monday through Saturday.

Please call or email us to schedule a visit. For faster scheduling, please call us at 812-438-2306.

We are USDA Regulated, so guests cannot have contact with the animals, or enter enclosures.  Despite this, you will still get very close to enclosures!

Photo tours are different from a regular tour.  Regular tours are time sensitive, so you are kept moving throughout the Sanctuary to ensure you receive a full tour in the 2 - 3 hour time allotment.  Photo tours are pre-paid for a designated amount of time; you could choose to spend all of your time with one animal if you desired, rather than being on a schedule.

We have several RTV carts that we will take you around in!  Staff or volunteers will drive them and guide you through the property.


Payment will be taken for the desired amount of time before you begin photographing our animals.  Once time is up, your guide will ask if you'd like to end your trip or pay for additional hours to extend your time.


The rate increases for groups larger than 3 in order to keep a photo tour cost effective for us, as we are using fuel, time, and other resources to host it for your group.  

Groups of 1 - 3 people: $50 per hour

Groups of 4 - 6 people: $100 per hour

Groups of 7 - 9 people: $170 per hour

Groups of 10 - 12 people: $200 per hour

Groups of 13 - 15 people: $300 per hour

Example:  2 People x 3 hours = $150 total  (3 x $50.00 = $150.00)

Please contact us for groups larger than 15 people. 

We accept major credit cards, cash, and checks!

Wish-list items or donated items will not be accepted in lieu of payment for a tour.

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