As the cold weather, ice, and snow lingers please watch out for wildlife drawn to the edges of the road where there is salt and food.
This little screech owl was hit by a car, most likely while hunting mice along the highway. He is recovering and is eating on his own. Time will tell if his eye heals. He is just one more reason we need to raise the funds to complete our raptor center.


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 A portion of the proceeds supports our conservation and rehab efforts. Ask for the Red Wolf Wine. Located at 412 S. High St in Rising Sun. (812) 551-5122


What's Happening Now

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When we get in an injured/orphaned raptor we try our best to get them in good health to return to the wild. We continue to work towards building this Raptor Center so that the Bald Eagle Liberty "AKA" Brooke (rescued from the Brookeville area), along with other injured birds of prey will have a place to spread their wings on the road to recovery. The first phase of this several phase project is to build the "Flight Cages" (the wings) as soon as possible to give our birds a place to not only heal but to regain their strength as well. It is estimated that each phase will cost $5,000.







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Meet Chinook


Our former employee, Megan Erb called us in to help to save this beautiful little guy. Chinook was bought at a wildlife auction and kept in a cage his entire life thus far. This was causing him to exhibit aggressive behavior. Not knowing what else to do with him because of the aggressiveness, the owner was going to kill him for his fur. Thanks to Megan, who gained custody of him, this little guy will now have a permanent home where he can run and play. We need to build another enclosure to house this guy in as we are running out of room. Now we must work on raising the money to see that Chinook's new home can be built.