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Various foreign and local partners help VitaminDeck expand its vitamin and supplement sales in Pakistan. who have been bringing goods in from overseas for over a decade. They're helping us bring you a plethora of name-brand vitamins, supplements, personal care items, and other necessities for your health and beauty routine. Most cities and towns in Pakistan are within our shipping range.

Vitabiotics, a British nutraceutical company, offers a wide range of vitamin and mineral-based food supplements for a variety of health concerns, many of which are specifically made to meet national standards for babies and children, as well as pregnant women. The previous leading vitamin company in the UK was eclipsed by Vitabiotics in July of this year, according to the company's sales figures. It was founded in 1971 by the current chairman, Kartar Lalvani. A former student of Tej Lalvani named Arnold Beckett joined the company, and now the CEO's son, Tej Lalvani, is in charge. Pregnacare is a supplement for pregnant women; Menopace is a supplement for men; Well child, Well-baby, and Wellman and Wellwoman are other Vitabiotics products. Vitabiotics was honored with the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2013 for their innovative work in vitamin science.


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