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Join date: Feb 21, 2022


The trajectories of Business Goals, Engineering, Design, and Programming dynamically merging to deliver great software. This is the spirit of Trajectus.

Each project is a unique undertaking. Our goal is to work with our customers to understand your business objectives, engineer a proficient platform, create a beautiful interface, and create clean code. The key to success is ensuring the project's core business needs are met. We’ll work with you to ensure there is a clear understanding of the core business needs.

Our services are application development, mobility, QA and Testing, Analytics and Data, Cloud Solutions, Web CMS and we also provide solutions like vending machine software, Learning Management system, Machine learning, database and cloud services, Ecommerce, Managed Services, Supply Chain Management, Cloud Based e-prescription, Devops, lot, Mobile Development, Web Development, Engineering/Consulting Solutions, Application development, BI Analytics, Testing and salesforce.


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