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What are the features of login wallet?

At first glance you will feel it like a normal and similar platform like other but eventually when you start realising the unique features of the platform, then it may sound great to you.

§ Users can link their already existing account and use it with Wallet Direct.

§ User can sign up to login with their existing gmail accounts.

§ Recovering your credentials, in case you forgot anything is extremely easy & hassle-free in the platform.

§ If in any case you are using tKey, then you do not need to worry about keeping your private keys safe

§ login account setup is extremely easy.

This wallet is capable of fulfilling all of your requirements. So, what are you waiting for sign up now. If you don’t know the procedure of how to sign up with login wallet, here’s the process below.

Binance us login || Binance login

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