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Writing the Book: The Speed Novel and the "Endless" Story

The endless preparatory phase

Endless thinking over each image, small details of the world, details of scenes and episodes ("until I see it, I can't write it") sometimes leads to the fact that you don't really want to write down what you've come up with anymore. And for a week PayForEssay the episode is savored with pleasure in thoughts, and when it is necessary to sit down and write it down, "it is not interesting", "it is not as it is seen" and other stalling begins.

On the plus side of "endless" stories, of course, there are also. They are solid, well thought out: from the image of the world to the image of the occasional character, from the names of locations to titles and appeals, from terminology to stylistics. And when finished, they require minimal tweaking. But at the same time risk being "frozen" and abandoned. And, of course, an unproductive author will never interest publishers.

There are other reasons for "endless" stories. Sometimes it is the banal lack of time or health problems.

The author of this article knows a writer who, because of vision problems, was forbidden to use the computer, and the last book of the series she wrote not 3-4 months, as usual, but four years.

And sometimes - and the lack of incentive, when it comes to the thought of "who needs it", "who is interested in it," "anyway not published" and so on. And even "at least to finish" does not stimulate either.

Authors of "endless" stories, especially if they are accompanied by a lack of new ideas and a keen perfectionism, can only be sympathized with. On the one hand, not much is written, on the other - not much new is invented...

And there is nothing you can do, and nothing you can advise, except the sacramental - to find a stimulus. An iron one. To overcome laziness, to put things in order and in your head, to take as a given that the perfect text of the draft - that a single scene, that the whole novel - will not immediately be, and to write.

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