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People mistake history of vocational education for a bank of computers. Kocher-Taylor comments that "we need that bank of computers, but we also need applied technology and to keep pace with industry" by accessing other advanced equipment. It's vital, she says, that vocational administrators aggressively seek out grants and gifts, and that they snap up recent-vintage equipment being retired by industry. Even if it's not the latest model, "it still might be the most modern thing we've ever seen," she notes, and can still be a useful vehicle for training.

Cullen's group is working to get state or federal funds set aside for vocational equipment costs, asking business and industry to donate items to schools, and seeking out work-based learning sites where students can use advanced technology. "We're also proposing a buy an essay piece of legislation that would allow businesses to get a state tax credit for donating state-of-the-art equipment," she adds. Close interaction with business and industry is key to meeting students technology needs, Migal stresses.

Even at Great Oaks--with its four campuses, $70 million budget and reputation for being on the cutting edge of career education--money can only go so far. Students must still go to college essays for sale industry sites to view and use some of the more sophisticated technologies, such as advanced robotics. "It's strategic partnering that allows you to take advantage of what the industry base has," Migal says. "If you don't do that, and don't keep up, you get in trouble."

One of challenges facing any vocational director across the country is keeping up with legislation. Balistreri says, "It's tough to get up to speed on developments and to pay someone to write my paper understand what the implications are for your home state, your local school districts and other institutions to which you might have sensitivities."

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