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Exam preparation I tried to solve as much as possible, but I also counted on luck At school, I was an excellent student and, of course, I was preparing for the exam, but in general this is a slightly different format, anything can happen there. I tuned in to the most hardcore, so such high results came as a surprise to me. I was hoping to get a 90+ on writing papers because I was good at writing papers. And even before the exams, I participated in various Olympiads and used at the same time, and as a result, I won a prize in the Olympiad - this automatically gave 100 points for writing a written work. It only remained to score 75 points in the exam to confirm your result. In the math exam, there is such a system that you can score 100 points, even if you missed 2 primary points. I missed three. Already when I left the exam, I understood that there would be no maximum result. But I was not very worried, realizing that I definitely scored 75 points for admission. When the results came and there were 99 points, I was only glad. Then I also could not imagine that in other subjects I would score a maximum. I also got a good result in writing a written work, and this is thanks to the best proofreading service, which helped me a lot in preparing for the writing exam. Now I understand that you need to know how to properly prepare in order to pass the exam well. It was important for me to pass English perfectly, and thanks to the teachers for preparing us well, I had confidence.We were given a lot of material and I also used and in the lessons we constantly solved assignments, wrote written papers and consolidated with practice. The composition was also periodically asked, I wrote it at home. In computer science, the tasks were more or less standard, again - I had experience in Olympiad programming, so there were no particular difficulties in preparing. But in the Unified State Examination in Informatics, there is a specific score: to pass it for 80+, you need to score 30 out of 35 primary points. For a high score, you need to do almost everything right. So there were some difficulties. Most of all I was worried about physics. I did not expect such a result and thought about how to score 80+. The preparation went on with varying success: somewhere it was possible to solve problems, somewhere there were difficulties.

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