Eagle Release



Veteran's Day Eagle Release

November 11th @ 9:00 A.M.

Unfortunately we will not be able to release Freedom as planned. He is not physically capable of being released, and we will not release an animal unless it has the best chance of survival.

We will still offer the walking tour at 9AM; admission for Veterans will still be free.

This event will still act as a fundraiser to build a Flight Center for our injured raptors so that they may have the best space possible to recuperate before release.

We are very sorry that Freedom cannot be released but we must do what is best for the bird. Thank you for understanding

Shopping Can Help




A special thanks to all those who have signed up to help! The amount that you contribute continues to grow. Last quarter between the 2 the sanctuary received $500 that will be used for animal care.




So it starts, we have received our first baby of the season requiring care. Little Reyn was found abandoned in the middle of the road and almost hit by a car. We at the sanctuary will do our very best to see that this red fox kit (around 6 weeks old) gets all the care it needs to grow and thrive. If history serves, this is but the first of many babies requiring our care this baby season.

Southern Flying Squirrel

Baby Screech Owls

Baby Skunk (Penelope) Now a permanent resident

This is but a very small percentage of the babies that we saw in the 2017 season. We have cared for many opossums, green herrings, and a baby mink to name a few more.