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THE RED WOLF SANCTUARY, a non-profit, tax-deductible organization incorporated in the State of Indiana in 1979, is dedicated to the preservation and continued existence of North American wildlife. Our focus is the education of future generations, teaching them the vital part each species plays in the maintenance of a healthy eco-system. Our goal is to expose our visitors to the wonders of nature and of the wildlife that lives in their very own country. Together we can ensure that our future generations will have the same opportunity to help "save the living past for the future to enjoy".







What's Happening Now

Carrying a Torch For Wildlife

We will be having a prescribed burn on Saturday March 4th to rejuvenate our warm-grass prairies. Fire is used to stimulate the wildflowers for the pollinators, while controlling forest expansion. Like a Phoenix follow our progress as new life arises from the ashes.






Prairie Home Companion

Prairie Home Companion

Prairie Home Companion

Online Donation

 Join us in our efforts to build a prairie home companions. This rescue effort is to save a small herd of Elk by enclosing a 100-acre prairie ecosystem.


Make A Difference In The Lives of Our Animals


 Adopt A Fence Post

Add your name to those that support our wildlife with an embossed nameplate of you, your family, a loved one, or pet; these tributes will line the path of our Red Wolf Rampage for all see! Help preserve our grasslands and wildflowers in this large natural setting. 

You can join the herd for $30 per post. This cost includes a stainless steel embossed plate with your donor name on it. 


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Prairie Home Companion

Donation Information